2021 — campaign icon
I partnered with Google to design the Latino-owned attribute for businesses to easily identify as such on Google Search, Maps and Shopping. This icon aims to help people locate and support Latin businesses across Google’s products and platforms. The campaign also consisted of print and social media assets for latino-owned businesses to promote themselves, along with the effort. 
The design process explored several styles and periods representative of Latin culture, going from the pre-columbian era to hand-drawn rótulos and artesanal textiles. Over 100 icons were created along the way, with only a selected few submitted to testing, and finally landing on one.
The chosen attribute takes cues from latin culture, starting with the color palette — inspired by colors commonly found in Latin American flags. Through the shape of the leaves, this design hints at an uppercase ‘L’, from which a flower blooms. This approach uses the flower, a subject often found in bordados and losa criolla, to draw a parallel between the Latin community and its flora. Both of them vibrant, beautiful and thriving as they continue to grow.
ECD: Serge Flores
AD / Designer / Video Editor: Yesenia Rodval