Beat of Joy
2023 — commercial
Partnered with Lay's and Anitta to make some noise (in more ways than one) with the 'Beat of Joy' spot — putting the Latino community front and center with reggaetón and an epic voceteo system. 
I think we can all agree that music, just like Lay's, is better shared. 🔊 AdAge sure does
ECD: Serge Flores
Senior AD: Yesenia Rodval
AD: Evans Flores
Producer: Michael McLaughlin
Production Company: Stink Films
Director: Nick Roney 
Cinematographer: Marc Gomez Del Moral
Choreographer: Fatima Robinson
Editorial House: Union Editorial
Editor: Tim Thorton Allan
Colorist: Sofie Friis Borup
Music: Envolver by Anitta
Music Producer: Freddy Montalvo Alicea