Tip Jar
by Marvin. 
2017 — Google Chrome extension
Music has a big role in peoples lives, whether it's marking important moments in life or giving it a bit of atmosphere, we constantly stream the music we love. But do you ever wonder what happens behind the curtain? After shedding blood, sweat and tears to give you music, artists only make a small revenue from their music being played on streaming services. Tip Jar by Marvin aimed to do something about it, giving fans the option to tip their favorite artist without it costing them a cent. This was achieved by leveraging the power of a cluster of Raspberry Pi computers which, when triggered, played the chosen song 100 times at once, effectively multiplying the revenue of the artist by 100-fold for each stream.
My part in this project was to design the user interface for the Google Chrome extension, as well as the animations and transitions it would have.